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I couldn't be happier with the pictures that were taken of my son Dylan. He was not cooperating AT ALL that day and I figured after I left that was a waste of time because those pictures were going to be awful. Brandy showed me them I couldn't believe how good they were. She was so creative with the backgrounds and she even made his goofy faces look adorable. I honestly have to say they were probably the best pictures I had ever had of Dylan and the other times he had pictures taken he cooperated! So that has a lot to say about the quality of Brandy's work!! ~Lainie~

I'm not one that enjoys the family photo experience, but I was really happy with Brandy and how she handled my family. She had really good ideas ready to go and didn't have us standing around and waiting for long periods of time. She made the experience fun for us and in turn I think our pictures turned out better because of that. They're the best family photos we've ever had taken...I couldn't be happier with how they turned out!Thanks for everything,~Shawn Finley~

"Having our family pictures done with Brandy was a fun experience. We were relaxed and comfortable and she was great with our kids. We think she did an excellent job!."~Jen~

Brandy, The photographs you have taken of our family are priceless. Your style is relaxed and good humored, which is critical when you have such a large and at times cantankerous group! You were able to set up shots with careful attention yet capture our sponteniety. I look forward to many more cherished photographs. Thank you for capturing the warmth and character of our family so successfully. ~ Jenny Walker~

"Awww.....they are so cute!!! Thank you... Thank you ... Thank you..."We were very happy with Brandy's pictures and would recommend her to anyone that wants great pictures!!! Brandy also has a lot of patients and has a very warm personality! We had a great time and memories to last us a lifetime. Thank you Brandy so much for a wonderful job!!!!~Shande Lockhart~

OH my goodness! I cannot stop watching the slide show of the pics.....WE LOVE THEM ALL>>>>>now what to choose. Thanks so much for getting these done so quickly Brandy.YOU ARE VERY TALENTED!Thanks,~Christy & Sam~

Brandy has an excellent eye for capturing a moment in a single photograph that lasts a lifetime.She has a beautiful gift to bring forth the essence of a family. Each of her photos tells a story, a true piece of art. Thank you Brandy for sharing your gift with all of us.~Joei Dasher~

WOW!! I am so happy for you. You are doing awesome. The many, many pictures you have taken of my son are amazing! You truely are very creative and talented! I have been telling everyone I know to come get pictures with you! ~Jamie~

I had a wonderful experience with Brandy when she took our family photos. This was the first familyphotos that my husband, stepson, newborn baby, our dog and I have ever had taken. She was very patient with all of us especially with our dog who did not want to cooperate. She was also very friendly with all of us. Due to my husband only being back on leave when we had our beautiful baby girl we only had a short period of time to get the pictures taken and Brandy was kind enough to work with us on a time and date so that we could get our photos done before my husband had to leave for Iraq. On top of her great personality and kindness my husband and I were very pleased with our pictures. In fact, our photos were so good that it took us while to decide which ones we liked the best because we loved them all. We had such a wonderful experience with Brandy that I am scheduling another session for her to take photos of our newborn. I have recommended Brandy to anyone who has discussed wanting their pictures taken. Thank you Brandy for everything that you have done. You captured the true love of our family.~Christina Hopkins~

"Brandy I just wanted to say thank you for taking pictures of me and my children. All the pictures you have taken for us have turned out so beautifully! So thank you so much!!"~Alicia Allen~

Brandy,Thank you so much! It was such a pleasure to have you take our photos. We are definitly going to be looking you up in about a year or so for more photos. We enjoyed ourselves & you were very professional & skilled.~Ashley Rerer~