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Pricing & Packages

If there is something here you would like more information on please email me at

NOTE:Please try to book your appointment at least two months in advance. If you need something done sooner I will try my best to fit you in. Thank you!

Designer Cards....
DETAILS..... I can make a special card just for you. Just let me know what your wanting and I will make you up something. You will be able to proof all cards. Also designer cards are available in any color & text!

*Studio Package 1~ This package is available for any photos you would like. This can be used on multiple poses. When checking out there is any instruction area. Please just write your photo number and the size. EXAMPLE~ 8 wallets pose F2, 5x7 poseF10 ect. $40.50
8 wallets
1 5x7
1 8x10
1 10x12

*Studio Package 2~This package is available for your favorite photo, cannot be used on multiple poses. You can order as many as you would like. $26.50
8 wallets
1 4x6
1 5x7
1 8x10

*Studio Package 3~ This package is available for you favorite photo. You may order as many as you would like. $35.50
16 wallets
2 5x7
1 8x10

Senior Package 1~ $125.50
64 wallets
5 4x6
5 5x7
2 8x10

Senior Package 2~ $192.50
64 wallets
5 4x6
5 5x7
2 8x10
1 10x13
1 16x20

Senior Package 3~ $198.50
Leather folio (with 8 4x6's) All photos will be Vertical
64 wallets
5 5x7
1 wall folio with 5 photos (please make sure all photos are going either vertical or horizontal)
1 8x10
On any senior packages you need to specify at checkout the photo numbers you would like
to have. It is located at the bottom of the check out cart under instructions.

Traditional Greeting Cards~ set of 25
Tri-fold Cards~set of 25
Folding Cards~set of 25

These cards are for absolutely any occasion. There is a huge variety to choose from. You are able to order as many sets as you'd like.

I offer a Package thats called Baby Steps which allows you to see all those adorable milestones your child has in his or her first year of life. In this package it includes 25 Birthday invitations for your child's first Birthday. Which is 2 to 3 poses (of your choice). I also include a mini birthday cake for the 1 year session.

Baby Steps Package ~ $130.00-~ I offer 4 settings lasting around 45 minutes each. This does not include the newborn setting. This is for 3,6,9 and 12 months old. On their one year session I also provide a mini birthday cake. This also includes 25 birthday invitations.

Senior Buzz Cards~Set of 24 for only $19.99

Senior setting fee~$125.00
This includes 3 on locations (of your choice) lasting around 2-3 hours. This is also for me proofing, touching up & editing your photos. Please note for seniors I try to have at least 40 photos for them to choose from.
If you would like to add another day to your senior session ( for fall photos or hair purposes) It is an additional $45 per location.

Child Portraits~$45.00 for one child.
$65.00 for 2-4 children and $10.00 each additional child.
(pricing is same for adults)

Maternity Sessions- $65.00

Engagement Sessions- $65.00 if you would like to add a second location the setting fee is $99.00

Newborns might take longer than 30-45 minutes. Lasting approximately 45 to 60 minutes.Also newborns will always be done at a studio setting. I encourage parents to be in some of these. (Even if it's a side profile of you holding your newborn or your baby's hand wrapped around your finger.) It makes priceless photos.

Families~$65.00 for up to 4 people. Each additional person is only $10.00 dollars more.

Standout Mounts~
This is an alternative to Gallery wraps. These are available in 4 sizes.

Standard Sizes

Prices are the same for black & white.
Also please specify if you would like mat finish or glossy finish.
Also ask me about metalic finish. This is great for colorful photos.

4x6~ $3.50
5x7~ $7.50
8x10~ $14.50

When you order your pictures I will give you a password and with this password you will view your portraits and have the total price list, packages, and products that you can choose from. I offer standout mounts, canvas, portrait composites, slideshows, collages, wall folios and much more. I try to keep my prices very reasonable, but with a wide range of products for you to choose from.

Please note that the largest I print is a 30x40.

Gift Certificates available-

Wall Folios~

Magnets~Set of 8 for $12.00

Canvas Gallery Wraps~
Available in 3 sizes.

Story Book~
2 sizes

Trader Cards~for any sport

One sided picture purses~$85.00 One standard style.

Collages~ When ordering collages I strongly suggest 5x7 and up.

NOTE:Some photos may have to be cropped or edited after ordering to make it fit to your desired size.

Please let me know if there is something you have in mind that is not listed & I'll
see what I can do.

Please allow 2-3 weeks after ordering for your pictures to come in.
For complete listings, prices, photos & packages please use your password I will be giving you.

Please remember that solid colors are the best for any session. Shirts with logos and too much going on can take away from the subject.

For children I encourage 2-3 outfits. This way it gives you more of a variety. I do have a huge variety of outfits and alternatives such as hats, tutus, wings, head bands, dresses and much much more that your are more than welcome to use.

Please take note that prices may change at any time.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.